The Aromas of Nature

Every spa escape is specifically designed to offer a unique experience, using European firewood heat and beautiful aromatic spruce finishing inside the sauna room.

Est. 2019

Spa Wagon was established by Alex Lendel and Klim Gotovkin ion 2019 for all to enjoy.


We are determined to deliver exceptional quality to every single client. Our team is eager to promote the culture of healthy living and natural approach to a better health.


We would love to see more people using our sauna as a great way to relax, detox and get healthier inside and out.

Meet us

Alex Lendel
Klim Gotovkin

Alex is very passionate about saunas, steam rooms and everything that has to do with getting some quality heat. Originally born in the Ukraine, he knows the true recreational and rejuvenating properties of a well-built sauna, or as Slavic call it: "Banya". Alex is eager to share the sauna experience with his clients by delivering a unique mobile spa experience to their doorstep.

Klim is a lifelong sauna enthusiast and admirer. He grew up in Ukraine where he developed his appreciation for many benefits that a spa session delivers. He’s been interested in the craft ever since. Klim is a true believer that a proper sauna experience can do wonders for the human mind and body with the help of a little wood-fired heat. He’s excited to share his passion with our customers.

"If you're planning to get some steam in full privacy, Spa Wagon is an excellent choice. Absolutely first on the list of spas that you'll want to book again. Just after the first 10 minute session I felt relaxed more than I can remember."

Jason T.

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you to Alex and Klim for their professionalism and assistance in putting together a great afternoon at the sauna for me and my wife. We had a very good time sweating out all the stress. Would book again without a second thought."

Jeremie B.

"From entering into the SpaWagon, the low lighting, the welcoming aroma, you already feel relaxed. But the platza with oak leaves, exactly what you ask for is what you are going to get. The heat, brooms, steam...what a treat."

Jessica M.

"Not only was I surprised by the exterior look of the sauna wagon, but what really surprised me was the quality of heat and the natural smell inside! Platza technician was very professional with oak brooms and was beyond anything we could expect. Finding a good sauna therapist is like finding a good hair stylist."

Eric M.

"I've been to many sauna, but today was the first time I ordered a mobile sauna and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Spa Wagon delivered unforgettable experience and this was a wonderful addition to our ski vacation."

Robert F.